Education has been always a top priority for the Jesuits. JVM has played a crucial role in bringing the education scenario to the track for close to three decades, total no of students touched is total no of the students registered till date is 26966. One of the few steps taken to enrich the schooling system in Chhattisgarh-
1.1 Non-formal Education Centre: Based on our intervention we found that only few people have got the opportunity for formal education. Especially, the girls got very little opportunity due to social taboos, rules and regulations. To motivate the children for education, balwadi centres were opened to motivate the parents for primary education for their children.
1.2 Grihni School: Since girls got less opportunity for formal education, skill training for Grihnis (future housewives) started in 1994. They came at the centre and
learnt functional literacy (reading, writing and speaking) and skill training, such as, tailoring, household management, food security, etc. within a short period o time. Presently there are 19 grihini girls in the centre. 
1.3 Livelihood: The livelihoods of the Adivasi people are subsistence oriented undergoing a lot of changes keeping the pressures of poverty and cash needs.
Generally, it is dependent on factors such as forest cover, land holding, agronomic conditions, roads and distance to markets. Though forest resource is degrading
dramatically, but it still provides the people with a mixed source livelihood. So, part of their income comes from Minor Forest Produce (MFP), while the major part from cropping and livestock. For the landless and marginal families,the major dependency is on daily wage labour whether from better off farmers, the Forest Department, via MGNREGS, or from seasonal outmigration.


Tomato Farming is emerging as a good livelihood option for the poor. Pathalgaon is known for red desert due to cultivation of tomato in more than 80 per cent
area to the total cropped area. During 2010-2011, the tomato was cultivated in 4.04 thousand hectares in Jashpur district and production 50.51 thousand tons of tomato with average productivity of 12.50 t/ha (Department of Horticulture C.G. Govt., Jashpur).


JVM is imparting skill training in youth through Rural Vocational Training Centre (RVTC), situated in Karaikechhar. RVTC is working in a direction to provide alternate income source by imparting relevant skills in youth.

Running 5 courses which are industry and job orienteda.

A. PGDCA- This course covers IT sector recognized skills on computer learning from basic computer to advanced excel, C++, HTML, Desktop Publishing, tally courses /GST filling etc. in various computer application software. This particular course is running in joint collaboration of AISECT affiliated from C.V.

B. Cutting & tailoring- The course is designed as per NIOS curriculum but industry aligned. It offers courses starting from basic to advance level for youths. Cutting, tailoring and dress making is very basic but here it has taught in very detail.

C. Electrician- This course is recognized course from construction sector but deliver under NIOS affiliation. The course covers skills in house wiring, appliance repairing and maintenance etc. The course eligibility is minimum 10th standard assured job opportunity in market as well as encouraged youths for entering into business market.

D. Driving Course- RVTC is running this course since long. As per the baseline survey, people in the vicinity have shown their interest in this course. Thereafter RVTC has decided to start this course, both for male and female candidates.

Lok Manch

There are numerous schemes under implementation by various State and Central level bodies which are of assistance to farmers ranging across extension, postharvest management, marketing linkages and access to financial assistance. The farmers will be supported to access Govt. schemes.